Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 4 Spain

“Might need a bit of rain tomorrow to liven things up a bit, it will probably be a bit boring” declared Nick on Saturday night or something like that anyway. Maybe because the pole sitter generally wins here in Spain or maybe because as Nick already knew the result, the race had lost some of its appeal!

A fair bit of action though this weekend as the 2008 season trundles into Europe. Not least Kovalainen’s massive crash. It seems like he is ok though which is obviously great news.

But what about the action in the SofaF1 Championship?

Raikkonen was bound to win with all the support he had, everyone put him on the top step for 4 points each. Everyone put Raikkonen on pole too for 2 points each except for Igor and GrifF1.

Nick and Alex were really making hay while the sun was shining, each taking another 2 points both for Massa and Hamilton in second and third. Igor also took 2 for Hamilton and myself and Fourstar 1 each. Fourstar kept his toe in with Massa hanging in to 1 point while Nick kept rolling with a further 2 for Kubica, which I also managed to get, while Fourstar and Alex settled for 1 each.

Surprisingly Igor lost out with Button by placing him too low! Who would have thought that on Saturday morning!

Nick is on a roll now, Alex starts to pick up his pace. The old rivalry from 2007 is still alive and well. The points this weekend more than doubled the second highest scoring round so far!

So after Round 4

1 Nick 12
2 Alex 11
3 Bearded Stew 9
3 Fourstar 9
5 Igor 6
6 GrifF1 4

Fourstar is still hanging in there as the points gap widens out leaving the championship looking like this…

1 Nick 26
2 Fourstar 23
3 Alex 20
4 Igor 19
5 Bearded Stew 18
6 GrifF1 14

Interesting race this weekend, the Renaults were much quicker, but Piquet was having a bit of trouble holding on to his. Alonso was hanging on ok but the motor couldn’t take it. I’m not sure if Torro Rosso’s weekend was worth the effort, especially with Vettel. Whats all that about? The results really aren’t showing his supposed potential.

Coulthard again involved in a familiar looking incident but kept going this time. Webber kept it all together to spring into the points with Button, Nakajima and Trulli behind him. Heidfeld ended up out of place when he took the penalty for refuelling under the safety car. Whats going to happen to that rule? How about that for a poll question?

Rosberg disappointingly retired with an engine problem too.

Oh well at least theres only a 2 week gap to Istanbul.

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