Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 5 Turkey.

Sorry about the slight delay with this post, just popped off to the seaside to enjoy the sunshine.

I must say I’m very disappointed with the usually pretty good coverage of F1 on Radio 5 this last week, some football build up program, not even a match, getting in the way of the race commentary, I might have been ok if I could have followed the full coverage on 5 Live Extra or something which I kept being told I could do, but that didn’t really help me with my antique portable out in the sticks. Maybe I should stay in more.

Anyway, the trusty VCR did the trick so when returning to civilisation I was able to sit back and watch quite a different race to the one I had been led to believe had happened on the radio bulletins.

Fourstar is really getting going now, landing the third highest result of the year. Cashing in with his confidence in Massa for the pole and win, 6 points in the bag.

Alex, Nick and myself also took 2 points each for Massa on pole, but wavered slightly in the race only managing 1 point each for Massa. Igor and GrifF1 get their points going with Hamilton taking 2 points each for his second place, with Alex and myself just taking one. Raikkonen went cheaply for just one point, which Fourstar swooped on to add to his growing haul.

BMW were a little bit off the pace this weekend, but Kubica did land a point each for Alex, Fourstar, GrifF1 and Igor, while Heidfeld managed one for Alex and two for myself.

Alonso scored pretty well for us this week with GrifF1 taking two and Fourstar, Nick, Alex and myself one more each. Nick and GrifF1 snuck Rosberg into 8th place and were rewarded with 2 points each for the Williams.

I did have to smile when Webber crossed the line in the points again for the fourth time this season, despite Alex’s word of caution in the pole poll, landing Fourstar and myself a final point, but Igor played a slightly better hand and added two to his tally.

So how do the cold facts of Turkey look …

Round 5

1 Fourstar 10
2 Bearded Stew 8
3 Alex 7
3 GrifF1 7
5 Nick 6
6 Igor 5

Which shuffles up the championship again

1 Fourstar 33
2 Nick 32
3 Alex 27
4 Bearded Stew 26
5 Igor 24
6 GrifF1 21

Just goes to show, anything can happen in SofaF1 and usually does, just one race can change the outlook of the whole championship.

Great race for Massa, dominating again. Hamilton will have been relieved to come in second and take some points from Raikkonen. Great race from Kovalainen, it really was good to see him carving through the pack time and time again. What could his afternoon have come to if he didn’t have that puncture at the start of the race? I’m sure his day will come.

BMW in their familiar position, but a way off the leaders at the end of the race. Webber seems to have settled in at Red Bull now and is delivering some good consistent results.

James Allen kept going on about McLaren having the upper hand again at Monaco, but I’m not so sure. Wasn’t Ferrari disadvantaged last year by their longer wheelbase chassis? and this year if my memory is correct its McLaren who has the longer wheelbase. Is that right? or did I just make that up?

Anyway not long till we find out! Keep your ear to the Sofa.

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