Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 6 Monaco

Not a big points haul really this week compared to the last couple of races where the form for the season had started to establish itself, but despite the problems of trying to predict the results for a wet Monaco race, we collectively managed our third highest result so far this year. Not that I had much to do with it mind.

Everybody seemed to know something about Hamilton, except me, four points for Igor, GrifF1, Alex, Nick and Fourstar, I did manage to get one though by not counting him out completely.

Kubica was in the mix landing a useful point each for Igor, Alex and Fourstar. Igor and Nick were rewarded for their confidence in Massa making it to the end, taking a point each there too. Nakajima was the final inspired call dishing out a point to myself and two to GrifF1.

So what does all this look like? Well that’s me down the bottom there, should have stuck Webber in again.

1 GrifF1 6
1 Igor 6
3 Alex 5
3 Nick 5
3 Fourstar 5
6 Bearded Stew 2

The championship does start to open up a bit now though into some front runners, a midfield chasing pack and some back markers!

1 Fourstar 38
2 Nick 37
3 Alex 32
4 Igor 30
5 Bearded Stew 28
6 GrifF1 27

Monaco, rain and a long weekend, sounds pretty good to me. As usual at Monaco the pages fell out the form guide and were put hastily back together in a completely different order. Vettel finishing and in the points and Rubens matching Button on points with a 6th place, but the results don’t tell the whole story.

Poor Sutil, Hamilton getting lucky with his strategy after he clanged the wall, Alonso in a demolition derby, Webber slipping into the points for a 5th consecutive race, Nakajima with a third points finishing position to take him within a point of his team mate. Coulthard and Bourdais doing some synchronised skating into the barriers, Coulthard demolishing his car twice in 2 days and Rosberg somehow forgetting that it is quite a good plan to avoid the barriers.

Maybe not the race of attrition that Monaco 96 was but pretty eventful nonetheless, and a great result for Hamilton and his championship fight, but I’m left with the feeling that Ferrari probably have the edge in performance terms and McLaren will just be left to pick up an odd win here or there when Ferrari aren’t performing. I’d like to see Kovalainen have a race that works out though!

Hmmm I guess we’ll find out in Canadia in two weeks time.

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