Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 7 Canada

Well that was easily the lowest scoring race for us collectively so far, so this probably won’t take long.

Fourstar was doubting his reliance on recent form but actually that played right into his court this week, or was it last week, sorry it might have been quite a while ago now. Ahem.

Fourstar and I launched straight out of the blocks with two each for Hamilton’s rather rapid pole position. I did think Igor had it covered with Kubica on pole but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. If last years rules were still in place that could still have been a point for second though (but take that up with Alex!)

The rest of the predictions were a bit ropey really as the normal running order was turned around after the safety car and related pit stop incidents!

Massa came good for all of us though, handing Nick, Fourstar and myself two points each and Alex, GrifF1 and Igor one.

Igor’s persistence with Kubica did yield a point in the race, but Fourstar was hovering to grab one also.

So Round Canada

1 Fourstar 5
2 Bearded Stew 4
3 Nick 2
3 Igor 2
5 Alex 1
5 GrifF1 1

Fourstar continues unabated…

1 Fourstar 43
2 Nick 39
3 Alex 33
4 Bearded Stew 32
4 Igor 32
6 GrifF1 28

Still a long way to go, but less than when we started.

Well what about the race?

Raikkonen and Kubica looked like they both thought they could get out in the lead after the safety car pit stops and what a race that would have been with Hamilton chasing them both down, but that wasn’t to be, but Kubica stayed focussed to take control of the crumbliest track we’ve seen this year, especially after his massive accident last year. I’d say he was back on the horse ok.

Superb result for the BMW team as a whole, not just a maiden win but a one-two too to break the stranglehold that McLaren and Ferrari have had on the last couple of years. Not sure if they could have managed that if Raikkonen and Hamilton were both still in the race but as Murray probably still says “to finish first in Formula One, first you have to finish!”

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