Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 8 France

Now I have finally seen the GP de France…

We all went for the Ferrari 1-2 with a Ferrari on pole, but only GrifF1 called Raikkonen correctly for the pole and hurtled into a two point head start.

The Massa Raikkonen 1-2 worked great for Fourstar, Nick and Igor with a full six points each, while Alex, GrifF1 and I went for the wrong order which resulted in just 2 points each from the front runners.

Kovalainen was in the mix landing a point for me but two points each for everyone else. Kubica hovering in the background gave me a further point and Nick two.

Webber jumped back into the points again with two for GrifF1 and one for Alex. Igor and GrifF1 were close enough with Alonso to take a further point each. The final point goes to GrifF1 for Piquet giving her, her best result so far.

Everyone seems to be getting the hang of this now … except me Grrrrrrr.

Round 8

1 Nick 10
1 GrifF1 10
3 Igor 9
4 Fourstar 8
5 Alex 5
6 Bearded Stew 4

Still fairly close though in the championship.

1 Fourstar 51
2 Nick 49
3 Igor 41
4 Alex 38
4 GrifF1 38
6 Bearded Stew 36

Maybe not the best race of the season but plenty of close action on track, frustration for Hamilton, heat and relief for Raikkonen, championship leading for Massa and podium holding for Toyota, but more crashing for Button.

At least the lateness of this roundup means only a few days left till Silverstone. Ferrari’s again anyone?

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