Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 9 Great Britain

I like Silverstone, a classic high speed track, loads of history, loads of British only just hanging in there year after year. As long as the safety stuff is up to scratch, what’s the problem if the pits are a bit ropey? Anyway this year the speculation was over, Silverstone will be giving up the British Grand Prix. Almost as a final protest we are treated to a great race, which closes up the championship again. Halfway through and it’s all square at the top of the table for Massa, Raikkonen and Hamilton.

That’s all well and good but what about here at SofaF1?

Well, I reckon it was a hard one to call anyway but then the rain really mixed it all up, maybe that’s because I didn’t do so well again, Fourstar might disagree!

Nick had some clear inside information on the track, which gave him the edge in Qualifying! Kovalainen taking his first pole position gives Nick 2 points.

In the race Hamilton’s great win gives Fourstar 4 points and Alex, Igor and myself one each. Igor and Alex took two each with Kovalainen and Fourstar one.

Alonso gave GrifF1 her only two points of the race, two for me and one each for Igor and Fourstar. Fourstar had a final point for Rosberg and Nick one for Trulli.

Not the worst scoring race ever, but joint second worst with Australia and Malaysia.

Round 9

1 Fourstar 7
2 Igor 4
3 Bearded Stew 3
3 Alex 3
3 Nick 3
6 GrifF1 2


1 Fourstar 58
2 Nick 52
3 Igor 45
4 Alex 41
5 GrifF1 40
6 Bearded Stew 39

The rain always serves up a bit of extra excitement, and this weekend was no exception. Ironically Silverstone gave us a great classic race just a few days after it’s confirmed to be heading for the back of the dusty F1 cupboard, for the moment anyway!

Great win for Hamilton, he really did show he has got superb driving skills, especially in the wet where many big name drivers were heading for the grass time and time again.

To win a championship, or a race even, you do need a lot of skill and a good car, Hamilton has both but some things also need to go your way and I don’t want to take anything away from Hamiltons brilliant win, but there were a few things I thought that worked out rather handily for him.

Firstly his collision with Kovalainen right at the start could have worked out differently and he could have taken them both out at the start, which would not have been good. Also the tyre strategy worked out exactly right for him but crucially went really wrong for Raikkonen, which obviously helped. I think Hamilton did spin too somewhere and got away with it unlike Kubica. Clearly Hamilton was fast in the race and I don’t want to put him down at all but I do think he had the rub of the cloth this weekend and it’s important to take all these other factors into consideration too. Next time it might go the other way.

Next time….next time….oh that’s basically tomorrow.

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