Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 10 Germany

As the summer really gets underway, Hamilton continues his recent run of dominant form. It looked like there was going to be a great battle between Massa and Hamilton after the qualifying sessions, but when the race started Hamilton just scampered away leaving Ferrari scratching their heads.

Here in the world of SofaF1 the results have started to pick up again, this was actually our second highest scoring race collectively so far, after Spain.

We all benefited from the 6 point Hamilton pole and win combo except Alex who just went for the 2 point pole option with just 1 in the race and GrifF1 who just took the 4 points for the win.

Massa was good for us all, giving Nick, Fourstar, Igor, GrifF1 and myself 1 point each and Alex two.

A lower than usual finish for Kubica gave Nick 2 points and Fourstar 1. Kovalainen finishing lower than his grid slot would have suggested too gave Alex, Fourstar and Igor a further point each. Heidfeld was looking good for a podium for a while but still gave Alex another point. Which just leaves Alex and Nick, who hung around till the end to hoover up a further two points each for Vettel in eighth.

Guest competitor Bigotez this week put forward a top ten prediction, but no pole option, so within the competition rules the top eight prediction scored 7 points, 4 for Hamiltons win, 1 for Massa and two for Kovalainen. Great start, might have a job to overhaul Fourstar by the end of the season though!

So Round 10, Nick gets into his strides

1 Nick 11
2 Alex 9
2 Fourstar 9
4 Igor 8
5 Bearded Stew 7
6 GrifF1 5


1 Fourstar 67
2 Nick 63
3 Igor 53
4 Alex 50
5 Bearded Stew 46
6 GrifF1 45

It was great to see Hamilton on a charge this weekend, he really has been very quick over the last couple of races. Piquet with a quirk of strategy did amazingly well to hold on to a second place. Even though he admitted he got lucky it must help with his confidence to be standing up there on the podium, it could be a turning point for him.

Massa was disappointing, not really having the speed in the race after his qualifying battle but not even fighting to hold onto second place, this wasn’t just for a couple of points this was for the championship lead!

Raikkonen couldn’t keep up the pace and slips into third in the championship, his job to win it again this year will be looking tough if Hamilton continues this searing pace.

Coulthard got in a tangle again, a touch reminiscent of his rearview visibility problem from earlier in the year. For Webber this year, retiring has not been the norm, but he was caught out by a mechanical problem. Talking of Webber, it will be interesting to see how he gets on with Vettel next year, he was very vocal with his opinions last year when Vettel took him out in the rain, hopefully he will think that Vettel has grown up a bit since then and they will get on fine. Vettel could be in a good place for a championship challenge in a year or two if the Red Bull car keeps developing like it has.

Other interesting news this week, Santander going to sponsor Ferrari in 2010, where will Alonso be then do you reckon? Could he be heading into the red?

Anyway, whatever happens stay on the Sofa. Anybody Hungary?

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