Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 11 Hungary

Sorry for the slight delay in posting the results from Hungary, but at least it’s kept the suspense going over the 3 week gap till Valencia!

I had most of this written a while ago I must confess, but got distracted by a bloke coming round to fix the roof, and never quite managed to finish it off, but anyway….

…who says stuff doesn’t happen at Hungary unless it rains? Another great race in this thrilling season.

Everyone went for the Hamilton pole, two points all round. I wish there were points for second grid slot too. I could have done with some!

Due to the mixed up finishing order the points were all over the place. Nick and GrifF1 took two each for Raikkonen and Alex, Fourstar and myself one each. Alex and Fourstar both got two points for Alonso while Nick took one.

Kovalainen gave Nick one point. Webber gave Alex and myself a further one each. Kubica gave Igor and GrifF1 two points each.

Piquet’s recent run of form gave Igor, GrifF1 and Nick a further point each and Nick mopped up with a final point for Trulli.

Round 11

1 Nick 8
2 GrifF1 7
3 Alex 6
4 Fourstar 5
4 Igor 5
6 Bearded Stew 4


1 Fourstar 72
2 Nick 71
3 Igor 58
4 Alex 56
5 GrifF1 52
6 Bearded Stew 50

Another topsy turvey race (the spell checker reckons that should have been tipsy turkey!) keeps the championship hanging in the balance. Hamilton was looking comfortable for the win but tyre problems again didn’t make it easy for him. He did stay in there for a 5th place though to stay at the top of the championship table for another couple of weeks at least. Massa seemed to be on it from the word go, making a decisive move on the two McLarens like never before. He clearly had a good pace and no strategy problems until…. his engine cruelly blew up in the closing stages of the race. So Kovalainen lands a confidence boosting win, even if it was just because he was still there at the end. Good for him, great for the championship and great for us the viewers.

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