Stewart’s Enquiry

As a result of some rumblings amongst the SofaF1 Championship contestants a Stewart’s enquiry has been conducted into the implications of Hamilton’s penalty at Spa.

The board of enquiry can see the argument for our points to be based on the track position of the finishers because that is where they did actually finish, but surely in establishing our championship on the results of the F1 races we should therefore follow the rules and judgements of the race stewards and subsequent FIA rulings.

Yes Hamilton finished first on the track, but was deemed to have broken the rules in some way and therefore gained an advantage and penalised. If the penalty were served during the race, the end result ranking would have been the same presumably.

To extrapolate that argument to its natural conclusion: If a low order driver turned up with a 3.5 litre V10 with a couple of turbos on it and traction control, active suspension, ground effect and moveable wings (without anybody noticing) he may well finish in the points, but i’m not sure you would find anyone who would think it cricket if word got out.

So to conclude this lengthy report, the findings of the enquiry are:

The adjusted/changed result will be the one upon which points are awarded to the drivers, and so the Stewarts deem those same results should be applied to SofaF1.

Therefore, the points will need a bit of a rework if Hamilton’s position is reinstated after the appeal. We’ll find out later i guess.

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