Singapore Sling, with a Twist

Not being a mixologist, I don’t know if you can add a twist to a Singapore Sling, but yesterday a safety car did so to the Formula 1 championship. It is unfair that the fastest driver lost the race through no fault of his own. You might say it’s compensation for Hamilton’s penalty at Spa, or that this is the way F1 goes sometimes, but there has been a whole season for them to get or lose points. We focus so much on the mistakes at the end, when the beginning is, theoretically, just as important. It’s almost like these last four races are a penalty shoot-out, and Massa, like John Terry in last season’s Champions League final, just slipped while taking his shot.

However, I have a theory that McLaren have developed a remote control that can change the Ferrari traffic lights. Of course, this is dangerous and highly irresponsible, but they have (possibly) just won both championships because of it.

In other news, James Allen told us about 3 or 4 times during the weekend about Game theory. He wrote an article about it for the Financial Times a few weeks ago, and hasn’t seemed to stop mentioning it since. I wonder if anyone knows whether he is using the term correctly?

Lastly, when someone wins the championship in a few weeks, they won’t be allowed to hug their teammates or their family. Compare it with this:

Rossi recruits ‘lawyer’ for celebration.

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