Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 15 Singapore

What a great race! The whole new night racing concept seemed to work really well and the place looked awesome under the lights, and loads of action. Mainly crashing, safety car, pit lane type action but still an exciting race. But what about the points? Not so good really there, this won’t take long.

Everyone went for Hamilton on the pole, so no points there then.

GrifF1 got 2 points for Hamilton and I managed to take one. Alex and Igor both took 2 each for Vettel. The End.

So Singapore

1 Alex 2
1 GrifF1 2
1 Igor 2
4 Bearded Stew 1
5 Nick 0
5 Fourstar 0

Which leaves the championship fairly unchanged!

1 Fourstar 91
2 Nick 85
3 Alex 68
3 Igor 68
5 Bearded Stew 65
6 GrifF1 64

Great result for Alonso, especially after his poor qualifying result, the strategy really worked out well for him. Rosberg too did well to overcome that penalty to finish up there on the podium and Hamilton is probably relieved to keep his points total ticking up as his main rivals failed to score.

I’m not sure Raikkonen needs to dump his car in the wall so much though, its not going to help his championship campaign very much! There was all sorts of pit lane drama again, there does seem to have been rather a lot of that this year, but it has kept it exciting.

Fuji next…

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