Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 17 China

Well probably one of the less eventful grand prix of 2008 but still a significant result. Hamilton maintains and extends his championship lead, but Massa is still in the fight.

Actually in SofaF1 terms this was the most predictable event of the season so far with a collective 56 points scored.

Everyone went down the Hamilton on pole route again for two points except Alex.

Alex, Fourstar, Igor and GrifF1 opted for Hamilton to win and were rewarded with 4 points each, Nick and I went for Hamilton in second and only managed one point each. Massa scored two each for Alex and Igor and one for Nick, GrifF1 and myself.

Raikkonen was right in there too with two each for Alex and Nick and one for GrifF1 and I. Alonso two scoring well again landed two each for Alex, Nick and Igor and one for Fourstar and myself.

Kubica gave a point each to Alex, Nick and myself. Fourstar took a further 2 with Piquet in eighth place and myself one. Igor picked up the last point for Vettel.

So in summary…

1 Alex 11
1 Igor 11
3 Nick 9
3 Fourstar 9
5 Bearded Stew 8
5 GrifF1 8

Whicj means with one round to go the championship looks like this

1 Fourstar 104
2 Nick 97
3 Alex 83
4 Igor 82
5 Bearded Stew 77
6 GrifF1 76

Hamilton did well to put the turmoil of the last few weeks behind him and drive a solid race, claiming pole, race win and fastest lap (his first this year) over the course of the weekend.

Massa and Raikkonen didn’t really have an answer for his pace, but maximised the points that they could get with second and third. Alonso solidly kept his foot in behind them for a good result. The Renault seems to be doing quite well, maybe a bit too late now though!

And so to the final round in Brazil, where Massa has had good form in the past. Can Hamilton keep it all together to bag the championship? What will happen here, I’ll have to dig out the championship predictions and see …keep it tuned to SofaF1.

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