Historic McLaren Update

The excitement is starting to build now as we prepare for the start of the 2009 F1 championship. I know some people have been counting down the days to Melbourne ever since Brazil, but for the general public I think this week has been a turning point in the awareness of the new season starting to get underway.

The news websites have been awash with winter testing coverage, radio and television news bulletins have picked up on suggestions that Ferrari might be a bit fragile, McLaren might be a bit slow and the new Brawn car has blasted into the limelight and given a bit of an indication as to why Honda was worth saving.

It is all up in the air again, and so far looks like being another classic season.

On a slightly different note, this week as the spotlight was turned onto McLaren’s testing woes, I thought I’d check up on the team history section of their website to see if they had corrected the error which we here at SofaF1.com pointed out to them last year. Not receiving any reply from them that I am aware of it had slipped my mind.

The correction has been made though, so either we did bring it to their attention, or someone else did or they found it themselves. Just in case you had all been worrying about it for the last year!

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