Flawed Analogies

As Bearded Stew has pointed out, the new scoring system won’t be introduced this year. Bernie, however, is adamant that it will come next year. Two strange things appeared in these news reports. The first was this statement from the FIA:

“The ‘winner takes all’ proposal made by the commercial rights holder (who had been told that the teams were in favour) was then approved.”

Aren’t the words in brackets suspicious? How is information being relayed between the teams and the FIA? Apparently by rumour. Bernie later made this strange analogy:

“It’s logic – you go to the athletics and you look at the 100 metres, you’re not looking at the guy that’s second, you’re looking at the winner.”

First to spot five things wrong with this comparison wins the sofaF1 championship (I’ve been told that all competitors are in favour of this new rule).

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