SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 1 Melbourne

What a way to start the season, great result for the Brawn GP team to lock the front row out in qualifying and then go on to take a 1-2 in their first race. Button was obviously pretty happy and drove well to maintain the lead from the start and take his second ever Grand Prix win. Barrichello was less composed and had a few problems on the first lap what with his triggering his antistall and then clanging some people on the way round, but did well to recover to fourth and was in prime position then to benefit from the Vettel Kubica scrap.

So the Brawn car is quick, the Red Bull in the hands of Vettel was pretty impressive too, especially since they haven’t got a fancy diffuser on yet and once Kubica got his BMW wound up towards the end he was steaming along pretty nicely, until Vettel ran into him that is. I think all four of these drivers are going to have an important part to play this year.

Hamilton did well to take an eventual third after Trulli was penalised and could still be in contention if they can get the car to go fast enough to win in Spain as I’m sure I heard suggested.

I thought the coverage was pretty good now we are back in the BBC, not really heard much of Legard previously (I don’t know what he has done before but I reckon there must be a touch of horse racing commentary in there somewhere), but during the race today he was getting pretty excited and was easy to listen to as he commentated on the action. Good start to the season all round.

Anyway down to the real business, the SofaF1 Championship 2009

We have had a multitude of entrants this year, some however did not post a race prediction and some did not post a championship prediction, so while the SoFIA convenes to discuss how these should be dealt with, only the entrants with race predictions are listed here currently.

Barrichello is rockin’ us the most points so far with Alonso and Glock fighting it out behind, Only Christine got Button on pole, and only Nick and Jeremy bag a 4 pointer for Button’s win.


SofaF1 Championship Round 1 **

Nick 8
Jeremy 4
Rod 4
Bearded Stew 4
Alex 3
Fourstar 2
Christine 2
GrifF1 2
Igor 2
Mr T 1
RG 1
Jackie 1
Piqued 0

* Please bear in mind this is a provisional result and may well change next week if all the diffuser cars get banned.

**I worked all these out by hand as my spreadsheet needs substantially modifying so please bring any errors to my attention!

*** What was with Trulli’s hat in the press interview afterwards? It would look rather jolly on a gendarme.

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