SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 3 China

The excitement continues into the third round.

Beautiful race for Red Bull, not just to take the pole but their maiden win and 1-2 to cap it all off. Great racing from Vettel and Webber as they fought with the Brawns through the rain. I bet they are all glad to be in Bahrain for a bit of warmer weather. Where were BMW though? Their progress seems a bit up in the air at the moment and Ferrari? What is going on? I bet Alonso is glad he didn’t sign up there this year.

Anyway a good round for most here at SofaF1 despite the rain.

Round 3

Rod 5
Igor 5
Christine 4
Nick 4
Jackie 4
Aitch 4
Lou 4
Fourstar 2
Piqued 2
Jeremy 2
Bearded Stew 2
Mr T/C/S 1
RG 1
Alex 1
GrifF1 1
Pete 1
Takuya 0
PatW 0

SofaF1 Championship

Nick 15
Igor 14
Mr T/C/S 11
Jackie 10
Rod 8
Christine 7
Alex 7
GrifF1 7
Bearded Stew 7
RG 6
Jeremy 6
Fourstar 4
Aitch 4
Lou 4
Piqued 3
Pete 3
Takuya 2
PatW 0

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