SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 4 Bahrain

A bit of a return to normality this week, with no extreme weather conditions, but still a bit of a shock Toyota front row to start the race. The pace faded though as we have so often seen with Button coming through to take his third win of the season, Vettel with a second keeps his points tally racking up, it will be interesting to see which of these teams has the edge when we get to Europe in a couple of weeks.

But what about here, well, some good predictions this week, not from me though I hasten to add!

Round 4

Igor 9
Lou 8
Nick 7
Alex 7
Jackie 6
Rod 6
Sean 6
Christine 5
PatW 5
Piqued 4
Mr T/C/S 4
Aitch 4
GrifF1 3
Fourstar 2
Pete 2
RG 1
Jeremy 1
Bearded Stew 1
Takuya 1

SofaF1 Championship

Igor 23
Nick 22
Jackie 16
Mr T/C/S 15
Alex 14
Rod 14
Christine 12
Lou 12
GrifF1 10
Bearded Stew 8
Aitch 8
Piqued 7
RG 7
Jeremy 7
Fourstar 6
Sean 6
Pete 5
PatW 5
Takuya 3

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