SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 5 Spain

Sorry for the slight delay in this summary, I have been a tad busy!

Well the F1 spectacle has now landed in Spain for the start of the European leg of the season. Many parts were expected for the cars to catch the Brawns, but would they work?

A flurry of new prediction devices swung into action here at SofaF1 but would they be any good? Jeremy’s certainly looked pretty impressive, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other teams tried to copy his infuser.

Ferrari seemed to take the biggest step forward with their car, but somehow got the strategy bit really wrong again, there must be a few testa rossas back in Maranello trying to explain way Massa had to give up a few good places because he was fuelled too light.

Great work from Webber who grimly held on to take a well deserved podium place, the move on Alonso was justifiably well talked about, but frustration for Vettel stuck behind Massa and his KERS. Red Bull need a bit of that KERS action soon I reckon, that would give their wings a boost, which they will need if they are going to be in the championship fight at the end.

Anyway, talking of championship fights, Igor this week snatches the championship lead with another solid points finish. Mention must be made of Alex too, who thought about it all too much and ended up scoring less than some people who hadn’t revised their predictions for about 4 races! Nice.

Round 5

Lou 13
Bearded Stew 12
Pete 10
Christine 9
Nick 8
Rod 8
Igor 8
PatW 8
Aitch 6
Fourstar 5
Jeremy 5
Sean 5
Mr C 4
GrifF1 4
RG 3
Jackie 3
Takuya 3
Alex 2
Piqued 0


Igor 31
Nick 30
Lou 25
Rod 22
Christine 21
Bearded Stew 20
Mr C 19
Jackie 19
Alex 16
Pete 15
GrifF1 14
Aitch 14
PatW 13
Jeremy 12
Sean 11
Fourstar 11
RG 10
Piqued 7
Takuya 6

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