SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 6 Monaco

The almost unbelievable season for Brawn GP continues with another great 1-2 in the sunshine at Monaco, less overtaking this week on the tricky streets but still plenty of action as the drivers pushed the barriers to the limits. SofaF1 predicted race winners Vettel, Hamilton, Kovalainen and Nakajima all had their afternoons seriously compromised by the Armco as the Brawns relentlessly pounded round lap after lap to take the chequered flag, and with it half the championship for Button. It was a bit of a shame for Red Bull that their new double decker wasn’t quite as quick as expected, but hopefully it will put them on the pace at the faster circuits.

Ferrari have upped their game though and could well be in the mood for making up some ground over the next few weeks.

So here on the sofa, Igor scores another solid haul to extend his lead at the top of the table, while the midfield gets a bit crowded behind.

Round 6

Igor 10
Pete 8
GrifF1 7
Christine 6
Rod 6
PatW 6
Lou 6
Sean 6
Nick 5
Alex 5
Bearded Stew 5
Mr C 3
Fourstar 2
Piqued 2
Jeremy 2
Takuya 2
Aitch 2
RG 1
Jackie 1


Igor 41
Nick 35
Lou 31
Rod 28
Christine 27
Bearded Stew 25
Pete 23
Mr C 22
GrifF1 21
Alex 21
Jackie 20
PatW 19
Sean 17
Aitch 16
Jeremy 14
Fourstar 13
RG 11
Piqued 9
Takuya 8

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