SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 7 Turkey

Another race, another win for Brawn and Button. Red Bulls are getting closer with Vettel taking pole, but gave the lead to Button on lap one and couldn’t regain it again. Webber’s superior strategy leapfrogged him ahead of Vettel too, while Barrichello retired the Brawn for the first time. Every one else was pretty much playing catch up, Ferrari improving a bit but still not anywhere close. Rosberg finally has a good finish result in fifth after all his speedy practices.

Round 7

Mr C 12
Sean 9
Aitch 8
Bearded Stew 7
PatW 7
Nick 6
Alex 6
Pete 6
Fourstar 5
Igor 5
RG 4
Christine 4
Jackie 4
Rod 2
GrifF1 2
Lou 2
Piqued 0
Jeremy 0
Takuya 0


Igor 46
Nick 41
Mr C 34
Lou 33
Bearded Stew 32
Christine 31
Rod 30
Pete 29
Alex 27
PatW 26
Sean 26
Jackie 24
Aitch 24
GrifF1 23
Fourstar 18
RG 15
Jeremy 14
Piqued 9
Takuya 8

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