SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 11 Valencia

All sorts of confusion heading into Valencia, Schumacher, Badoer, Renault, Ferrari, Alonso, but great qualifying from the McLarens to lock out the front row. I know Barrichello was quick and probably could have won on speed alone, but McLaren really didn’t do too much to try and hold onto the win, what was going on in the garage?

Good for Brawn to be back on top and especially with Rubens really taking control, great result for him, but where has Button gone? Still in the championship lead, but for how long? He is probably not worrying about Vettel anymore though, if he keeps going through engines at that rate he will be starting from the back at all the last races!

Anyway enough rambling what has been happening here? (Not much actually, very poor!)

Round 11

Christine 6
Nick 5
Bearded Stew 5
Rod 4
Jackie 3
Alex 3
Sean 3
F1Numbers 3
Mr C 2
RG 2
GrifF1 2
Takuya 2
Pete 2
Fourstar 1
Piqued 1
Jeremy 1
Igor 1
Aitch 1
Lou 1
PatW 0

and so the championship is starting to tighten up all over the place

Nick 60
Igor 60
Mr C 58
Aitch 52
Rod 50
Bearded Stew 50
Christine 43
Alex 43
PatW 41
Lou 39
GrifF1 37
Sean 37
Pete 36
Fourstar 35
Jackie 32
RG 25
Piqued 17
Jeremy 15
Takuya 15
F1Numbers 3

… and straight onto Spa, whats the betting it will rain at some point?

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