SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 12 Spa

Thanks for being patient with me!

I haven’t seen the whole race yet but I did manage to catch the highlights online. Not too sure what to say really except it all loked a bit crazy with the usual order turned around, Force India’s up the front, and doing pretty well even when Raikkonen pusht passed, BMWs up there too. Button and Hamilton way down and crashing out. Then after the event Fisichella moving to Ferrari, what a result for him, the first Italian to drive for Ferrari since err Badoer actually.

Anyway enough ramblings i’m sure you’ve all waited long enough for these…
However, I’m not sure Jeremy will be happy with the way his mug was handled Fourstar!

Round 12

Alex 7
Mr C 6
Takuya 6
Aitch 6
Christine 4
PatW 4
Nick 3
Jackie 3
GrifF1 3
Fourstar 2
Piqued 2
Igor 2
RG 1
Rod 1
Bearded Stew 1
Sean 1
Jeremy 0
Pete 0
Lou 0

So Mr Whatever catapults to the top of the table.

Mr C 64
Nick 63
Igor 62
Aitch 58
Rod 51
Bearded Stew 51
Alex 50
Christine 47
PatW 45
GrifF1 40
Lou 39
Sean 38
Fourstar 37
Pete 36
Jackie 35
RG 26
Takuya 21
Piqued 19
Jeremy 15

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1 Response to SofaF1 Championship 2009 – Round 12 Spa

  1. Jeremy says:

    We were expecting a better showing from the mug. We had tried to get Schumacher into the mug but his wrist didn't stand up during testing in the 2007 mug

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