Japanese Pole Poll

So it’s all hotting up now! Will Mr C maintain his lead at the top or is this the weekend he’ll be toppled?

What do we want?

I… don’t… know…

Oh no I do remember. We want to know the pole sitter and the top eight finishers in the race. And we want all that before Qualifying starts (remember Qualifying is at a different time tomorrow in the UK!)

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Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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12 Responses to Japanese Pole Poll

  1. Rod says:

    I'll go first then. Here's hoping for a slightly better result than last week…Pole: Vettel1. Hamilton2. Vettel3. Alonso4. Sutil5. Button6. Weber7. Barichelo8. Rosberg

  2. Christine says:

    Hahahaha, can't wait until Mr C reads this post :)I have absolutely no idea this week, not that I do normally.Pole – Hamilton1. Webber2. Button3. Hamilton4. Alonso5. Sutil6. Raikkonen7. Barrichello8. Fisichella

  3. Lou says:

    okay am going to go with my usual picking the prediction i ideally want to happen :)so..Pole: Button1. Button2. Vettel3. Alonso4. Raikkonen5. Barrichello6. Webber7. Hamilton8. Gock

  4. Igor says:

    Pole: Hamilton1. Hamilton2. Vettel3. Webber4. Barrichello5. Button6. Alonso7. Sutil8. Räikkönen

  5. GrifF1 says:

    Well – I've just got home from work, so that is 19 days without a day off – and finishing at this time of night???? So chances are I wont make saturday practice or be up in time for quali – so it's a punt again this week:Pole: Lewis1.Lewis2.Webber3.Alonso4.Button5.Sutil6.Kimi7.Barrichello8.Kovalainen

  6. Pat W says:

    Pole: Vettel1. Vettel2. Hamilton3. Raikkonen4. Barrichello5. Button6. Webber7. Rosberg8. Alonso

  7. Aitch says:

    Pole: Vettel 1]Vettel2]Raikkonen3]Button4]Rosberg5]Barrichello6]Hamilton7]Kovalainen8] Sutil

  8. Bearded Stew says:

    Pole. Vettel1.Vettel2.Button3.Hamilton4.Barrichello5.Alonso6.Raikkonen7.Rosberg8.Webber

  9. I'm going to go for Pole: Rubens1) Rubens2) Lewis3) Vettel4) Kimi5) Jenson6) Alonso7) Sutil8) Rosberg

  10. Why am I up this early?pole: hamilton1. hamilton2. vettel3. raikkonen4. button5. barrichello6. kovalainen7. rosberg8. kubica

  11. Bearded Stew says:

    because you love it!

  12. fourstar says:

    Oh knickers, I've missed it again, haven't I.

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