SofaF1 Championship 2010 – Round 2

Everyone seems to be laughing at everyone else who wrote the new F1 season off after the first race. Add in a bit of rain and the whole season has come alive. Now suddenly F1 has gone from the most boring sport in the world to the most exciting and unpredictable.

Another race of pain for Vettel in the Red Bull, qualifying on pole again in Melbourne but unfortunately turfed off the track in the race by some mechanical woe. His team mate Webber, alongside him on the grid had a bit of an interesting race really culminating with a mad charge on Hamilton which hindered them both but not enough to keep them from scoring points. Button cruised on to win but would it have been so easy for him if Vettel was still in the running? Button’s early call on tyres proved pivotal as he got up to speed and looked after them all the way to the end.

Not such a good weekend for Hamilton, ending the race on a angry note as he went hunting down the person who called him in to have is worn out tyres changed.

Right result for Kubica, not really ending up too far behind Button but probably holding the Ferraris up, especially if Alonso could have got past Massa. Alonso had a pretty good race really considering where he was after the start, pointing the wrong way after getting tangled up with Button and Schumacher.

Progress update on the Hulk is not so good, so probably should keep quiet for a while!

So have all the problems with the season gone away now? Well, probably not. We could all see and Martin did mention it just before the Webster tapped Hamilton in the closing stages of the race, the procession had resumed. The Ferraris couldn’t get past Kubica or themselves and whether it was dirty air or tyres Hamilton couldn’t get past the Ferraris.

So as ever the rain did liven things up, but there are still some questions about whether closer car performamnce, which surely the refuelling ban is trying to promote really makes for closer, exciting racing. I’m not convinced so far, however I do think it does throw the door open for some imaginative solutions, it would be great of Hispania added on a McLaren style wind tunnel, reintroduced KERS and found a way to get an adjustable rear wing then they really could be onto something.

Results may be delayed but scores for anyone making Race 2 predictions are available to view where you entered them. Full points review after Malaysia, stay tuned………………..

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