SofaF1 Championship 2010 – Round 4

Red Bull on pole again this week, fourth time out of four, continuing to show superb qualifying pace. Could they continue the results from round 3 in Malaysia?? No, is the short answer, Alonso adopted an interesting tactic to snatch the lead down into the first corner, if you can’t go as fast as the Red Bulls then get up earlier and leave before them, the stewards however didn’t seem to think this was at all like cricket and told him to pop back into the pits if he wouldn’t mind and let everyone else catch up. Early rain saw most people dash in for some grippier tyres but Button and Rosberg hung on for a bit on the slicks until the rain stopped and retained the lead while everyone had to get back on the slicks again. Good call, this put the Red Bulls back down in the pack hampering their progress, but they still managed to finish in sixth and eighth. Hamilton however stopped for the same tyres but managed to make better propgress through the field, even if he did make a bit of a meal about getting past Schumacher. Fourth race, 3 winners different winners, nobody winning from pole and JB rises to the championship lead with his 2 wins with Rosberg just behind him, benefiting from consistant point scoring.

SofaF1 so far…

startledbunny 30

Andy (The Speedgeek) 28

fourstar 27

Lukeh 26

guille2306 25

Igor 22

Nick Ollivere 22

Lou 22

Brawn2bwild 21

GrifF1 21

James 20

Steven Roy 20

the blue pariah 19

Pete 19

Alison 18

Pat W 18

mr. c. 17

dp 16

Rod 16

RocketRedhead 16

RG 15

Alex 15

Christine 15

Bearded Stew 13

baliman 13

Dan Brunell 12

Nick In Dubai 9

RubberGoat 9

Amy 8

psionandy 6

Jordan Allen 4

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