SofaF1 Championship 2010 – Round 5

Another dream front row for Red Bull. Webster taking the top spot this time, then comfortably leading the whole race to deliver a crushing win, probably his best yet. Vettel did well to finish third in the end carrying a few problems around and benefitting from Hamilton’s unfortunate exit 2 laps from the end.

Improvement from Schumacher beating Rosberg this week for the first time.

It seems like everyone came to the start of the European season with their new parts and upgrades but then were completely stunned again by the pace of the Red Bulls, but can they keep going in enough races to win the championships? Who knows, but its pretty close at the top really.

The race might not have been the most exciting although it did have some moments of intrigue, but the results show it really is going to be a close season.  Anyway on to Monaco, the jewel of the F1 crown and they say a win here is worth half a championship…who is going to score it? It would be funny if it was the Hulk.

Erm points … i think most of us scored some. Probably.

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