SofaF1 Championship – Round 7

Another Red Bull pole position and the third in a row for Mark Webber, it really looked like he had finally found his groove and everything was working out for him and the team. Good consistant qualifying sessions, leading and winning races, comfortably racking up the points and building a championship challenge, surprising everyone who seemed to expect him to play a supporting role to his younger team mate.

All was going well, McLaren were making a bit of a challenge but Red Bull had it in the bag, a nice neat 1-2 with Webber set to take the top spot again, but no! It wasn’t to be, McLaren were handed the race on a plate, with Hamilton and Button squabbling as to who should have the victory. Vettel tried to slip up the inside of Webber, Webber didn’t move and held his line, Vettel tried to make him move, but Webber didn’t budge an inch and they collided, spinning off the track, total disaster. Vettel was out but Webster kept it all going to rejoin the track albeit down in third now behind the McLarens.  Good finish just behind though for Mercedes, Schumi taking the fourth spot with Rosberg fifth. Ferraris down in 7th and 8th, disappointing season really so far for them after such a promising first race.  Nice and neat though with Massa, car 7 in 7th and Alonso car 8 in 8th, almost as if they had planned it.

Interesting sight on the podium too with 3 Union Flags flying above the drivers, i don’t remember seeing that to often!

Anyway results are all up and going here:

Thanks again to Alex for sorting them out, although he does seem have entered two teams, or is that someone else with the same name. Mysterious.

Onwards to Canada, its been a few years… Can Red Bull bounce back and stay on the track, have McLaren really made progress, what about Mercedes?

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3 Responses to SofaF1 Championship – Round 7

  1. fourstar says:

    How in the name of Murray Walker did I get 7 points in Turkey? That was proper last minute guesswork \o/

  2. the blue pariah says:

    i notice that lewis hamilton is shown as pole position winner when mark webber had pole for turkey, is this a case of favoring some other driver else over webber 🙂

  3. That’s fixed now Mr Pariah sorry for the mix up 🙂

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