SofaF1 Championship 2010 – Round 8

What a return to Canada, probably the most exciting race we’ve had this year, it was great to see the lead changing so often, through a combination of pit stop strategy and proper overtaking, with the fight for the lead even continuing in the pit lane with Hamilton scrabbling to get out in front of Alonso. Much better performance from the Ferraris this weekend even if Massa did keep bashing into people and finishing way down. Alonso properly had the lead for a bit, but McLaren were the best team on the day with both Hamilton and Button passing Alonso for the top two spots. The Red Bulls were there but then they faded, Vettel managing some sort of problem in the car and Webber not really making his strategy work and having to make a late pit stop for his soft tyres.

Another good steady race from Rosberg and Kubica finishing up behind the McLarens, Red Bulls and Alonso, with Buemi in the mix too, also worth a mention is the Force India pairing round out the top ten in 9th and 10th putting in some very impressive performances keeping Schumacher out of the points.

Anyway time to take stock of the points before we return to Europe in a couple of weeks time…and i think i need to rethink my strategy, i might be doing quite badly.

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