SofaF1 Championship Round 18

Button out of the running as Red Bull cream the field again, Alonso keeps the lead with another podium and The Hulk ups his stock with a fantastic pole!

Well, here we are, the final race is suddenly upon us, where has the last year gone?

Four drivers still in contention for the title although Hamilton is unlikely to win it now, unless he wins the race and the other 3 fail to finish, which I suppose could quite easily happen, this being F1 and all. What will happen between the Red Bulls? Will Vettel help Webber? Probably not! Even if it means Alonso winning the title. Webber needs to give it everything he’s got though, this may well be his only chance to win the title. Vettel is a champion in waiting, but a few errors  and some car glitches this year have made it harder than it should have been. Is Vettel the new Raikkonen?

Alonso, what can we say? He has been hovering in the background for a while now and just stole the championship lead from under the noses of the Red Bulls. Can he get a top two place finish and take the title outright? His third title and a new record as the youngest third time winner?

Probably i’d say, with Vettel coming second, hmm that sounds familiar, i think that was my championship prediction from March!! Oh well we’ll see soon enough, roll on Abu Dhabi. Anyone else got a view on the outcome?

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