SofaF1 Championship 2011 Round 1

So here we, the 2011 season is finally under way. Thanks for joining us as we follow a few blokes in some carbon cars burning some fuel in different places around the world.

It feels like it has been a long winter, especially with the postponement of the Bahrain GP.  The early start of the GP de Australie does add to the occasion of the first race of the season,  which  is always interesting anyway. It’s the first time we all get to see who really has a decent car and who just has a pile of old parts?

So lets kick off with the decent cars at the top of the list, Hispania, oh no, hold on, my bit of paper is upside down.

Red Bull, as expected still the team to beat.

McLaren, surprised everyone i think with a decent turn of speed, must be something to do with a total car redesign, after they decided not even bother trying to flog the old donkey they paraded around during testing. Maybe they spent too much time over the winter developing their new website? Has anyone seen it? Feel free to let us know your thoughts!

Ferrari, didn’t really show much of the promise from winter testing, they were supposed to have been leading the Red Bull chase in most peoples minds, but the horse wasn’t up for prancing this weekend, maybe it was still jetlagged from the flight over.

Willams and Mercedes were both disappointments after showing some overdue form in testing.

Renault, cracking podium for Petrov, Heidfeld settled for an also ran, but the car does seem to have a bit of something.

Sauber, some good results too, shame the wing wasn’t quite the right shape. Might not have been much of a performance gain really, so looks like a solid car.

Force India, in there with some points in the end but probably not quite where they had hoped.

Everyone else, pretty much business as usual. Lotus leading Virgin, with Hispania bringing up the rear several days behind everyone else. I wonder if they took the opportunity to have a head start in getting to Sepang, they might make the start if they do, maybe. Anyone remember Lola from 1997?

Anyway, so what of the race, well Vettel creamed the field in the opening race, with the pole and race win, he looked untouchable and wasn’t running KERS. Teammate Webber however, put in a solid performamce, but struggled a bit more than his champion teammate. Ferrari, some solid points, but none of the aggression expected from them, except Massa defending Button. Button managed to use his flappy wing to do some overtaking as Hamilton tried to chase down Vettel and bagged himself a solid second place to kick start his title hunt.

The Sofa points should appear any day now so we can see how we are all doing, i’ll let you know when they do.

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3 Responses to SofaF1 Championship 2011 Round 1

  1. Mr Grumpy says:

    Here I am again, trying to post my predictions in time and the ability to post round two has not been opened up yet… Bahh!

  2. Yes… Sorry I’m working on a better solution…

  3. Jordan_F1 says:

    Lola ? Was not she a showgirl in the Topicana ? 😛

    That was proably the nicest joke that I could make about thme compared to the awesomeness that was Stewart Grand Prix…….

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