SofaF1 Championship 2011 Round 2

Well, Malaysia arrived pretty quickly after Melbourne. Vettel carried his form to Sepang, although it looks like Red Bull may have a bit of a job sorting out their KERS and i’m sure they will need it, but in Malaysia they still had good pace to keep Vettel ahead of the field and enable Webber to recover from a bad start and set a the fastest lap time. Hamilton and Button seemed to have some good speed too, and the flappy wing thing produced some good overtaking moves all through the field, apart from Alonso whose wing broke just when he needed it to get past Hamilton. Hamilton was going a bit slow due to some strategy/tyre issues when Alonso stumbled across him, Hamilton tried to defend it a bit too much apparently, Alonso pranged him but came off worse, they both stopped again but Alonso came out ahead, only to discover that they were both penalised after the race for their respective misdemeanours. Alonso kept his place though and Hamilton dropped further back to finish 8th, not bad from a front row start!

Talking of results…here is ths SofaF1 Championship table after round 2.

And as a bonus we’ve got two races in two weeks to contend with, and practise in China starts in a few hours time! Don’t forget to get your predictions in before qualifying starts early o’clock on Saturday! You should be able to do that here very soon!

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5 Responses to SofaF1 Championship 2011 Round 2

  1. rubbergoat says:

    I think I just submitted an entry but it told me “Sorry the event is now closed”?

  2. doodledojo says:

    Yeah me too. Can’t be closed yet, I need more points! 😀

  3. beardedstew says:

    Its just worked for me, your entries don’t show though, maybe try again?? i’ve sent the comments on to the supremo who may have a solution, but if not post them on here as comments and we can sort it out later!

  4. doodledojo says:

    Its ok. link in the new post worked fine, phew!

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