SofaF1 Championship Round 15

Singapore, Alonso. The End

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Singapore Pole Poll

Woah…  is there a race this weekend? Yes there is! Oh cool which one is it? It’s Singapore… You know the night race… Bodacious…

Indeed… If you want to take part then click here and do it by the time qualifying starts on Saturday…

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SofaF1 Championship Round 14

Well, GrifF1 is caning us all and Webber wasn’t happy.

Webber regained the championship lead. Good effort from Vettel and the Ferrari’s, with Button hanging on in the middle, which means  its all pretty close as we head into Singapore..

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Italian Pole Poll

Sorry it’s so late… busy busy busy:

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SofaF1 Championship Round 13

A bit of rain, Vettel took out Button, Hamilton won, Webber limited the damage of a bad start, Alonso could still be in the hunt, i guess we’ll see… on to Monza. Good effort Griff.

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Belgian Pole Poll

It’s Spa and guess what? It’s raining! Those Belgians really know how to put on a race. Hope you had a great break but now it’s time to get back to the business of F1.

In our championship we have joint leaders of Lukeh, GriffF1 and Startled Bunny, and in the F1 championship we need to know will Webber still be leading at the end of this race? Only you can say in our Pole Poll. Please have a guess before the start of qualifying tomorrow.

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SofaF1 Champioship Round 12

Awesome race from Mark Webber, not only another win but valuable points that put him up to the top of the championship standings again. Solid race from Alonso keeping him in touch with the leaders. Is this a resurgence for Ferrari or just a mid season flash in the pan?  Red Bull do look like they will be competitive right through the season but who will take them on, can McLaren be solid enough or will Ferrari dominate the last few races?

Anyway i guess we might find out at Spa….

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Hungarian Pole Poll

Hey everyone. It’s the Hungarian Grand Prix. This is often a time where we get a maiden winner. At the beginning of the season most of you picked one and if we get one this weekend then it will keep me busy because I decided to only add that feature to the scoring system once it happened – fun!

Who knows what will happen this weekend? Well I hope you have an idea – if you do make sure you put your entry in by the time qualifying starts today.

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SofaF1 Championship – Round 11

Didn’t see much of this race either but Massa handed the win to Alonso and helped my points out massively so who am I to complain!

GrifF1 now heads the table, but i’m catching up. What will Hungary bring?

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German Pole Poll

Sorry for the lateness of the post.

Looks like it’s been a bit wet and wild out there in Germany during the practice sessions but the current predictions suggest that it will be dry for the two sessions that count. But there’s no use me predicting things like that… What about you lot? What do you think is going to happen?

Make sure you get in your predictions by the start of Qualifying:

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