Malaysian Pole Poll

Hey everyone… Really late again… But working on a better solution for future opening up of races… Why not join in for the Malaysian Grand Prix now though by clicking here:

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SofaF1 Championship 2011 Round 1

So here we, the 2011 season is finally under way. Thanks for joining us as we follow a few blokes in some carbon cars burning some fuel in different places around the world.

It feels like it has been a long winter, especially with the postponement of the Bahrain GP.  The early start of the GP de Australie does add to the occasion of the first race of the season,  which  is always interesting anyway. It’s the first time we all get to see who really has a decent car and who just has a pile of old parts?

So lets kick off with the decent cars at the top of the list, Hispania, oh no, hold on, my bit of paper is upside down.

Red Bull, as expected still the team to beat.

McLaren, surprised everyone i think with a decent turn of speed, must be something to do with a total car redesign, after they decided not even bother trying to flog the old donkey they paraded around during testing. Maybe they spent too much time over the winter developing their new website? Has anyone seen it? Feel free to let us know your thoughts!

Ferrari, didn’t really show much of the promise from winter testing, they were supposed to have been leading the Red Bull chase in most peoples minds, but the horse wasn’t up for prancing this weekend, maybe it was still jetlagged from the flight over.

Willams and Mercedes were both disappointments after showing some overdue form in testing.

Renault, cracking podium for Petrov, Heidfeld settled for an also ran, but the car does seem to have a bit of something.

Sauber, some good results too, shame the wing wasn’t quite the right shape. Might not have been much of a performance gain really, so looks like a solid car.

Force India, in there with some points in the end but probably not quite where they had hoped.

Everyone else, pretty much business as usual. Lotus leading Virgin, with Hispania bringing up the rear several days behind everyone else. I wonder if they took the opportunity to have a head start in getting to Sepang, they might make the start if they do, maybe. Anyone remember Lola from 1997?

Anyway, so what of the race, well Vettel creamed the field in the opening race, with the pole and race win, he looked untouchable and wasn’t running KERS. Teammate Webber however, put in a solid performamce, but struggled a bit more than his champion teammate. Ferrari, some solid points, but none of the aggression expected from them, except Massa defending Button. Button managed to use his flappy wing to do some overtaking as Hamilton tried to chase down Vettel and bagged himself a solid second place to kick start his title hunt.

The Sofa points should appear any day now so we can see how we are all doing, i’ll let you know when they do.

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Sofa F1 2011 Championship

The 2011 championship is up and running, please see Alex’s earlier post below or click this link for a quick errm link

So to enter you need to give your season predictions here:

And your race predictions here:

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SofaF1 Championship Round 19 2010

Another fantastic race to finish off a fantastic season, four drivers still in the running, in theory, at the last race from 3 different teams. Button was already out of the championship running but qualified in 4th, ahead of Webber, and behind Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel.

In the end Vettel took it fair and square, storming to the pole position and then keeping it all together for the win, Ferrari were all at sea with their strategy leaving Alonso languishing down in seventh place at the chequered flag, just ahead of Webber.

If you want a quick recap of the race, as it was a while ago now then check it out here:

But what of the SofaF1 Championship I hear you ask, many contenders (well GrifF1 anyway) have been chomping at the bit to see the final results ever since that race back in November 2010. Such was the interest in the SofaF1 Championship last year, with an all time record of contenders, that Alex had to write some new whizz bang program to keep it all under control. Once the season was done he sat back with a cold beer to wait for the SofaF1 results to calculated. Even with the power of this new cloud thing the results took a while coming, so much so that Alex took the opportunity to rest his eyelids for a minute in this rare pause of his hectic lifestyle. Needless to say when he started snoring, the beer he was carefully cradling spilled over his beige chinos and awoke him with a start. He hurried off to the bathroom to deal with the spillage, then to the fridge to refill his glass, getting sidetracked on the way by a small animal which needed coaxing outside before it did any damage to the sofa. It wasn’t until January that the computing machine produced an answer, Alex’s usually chirpy brow furrowed slightly as all the lights in the neighbourhood brightened up a notch and the strange whirring noise that he had been aware of for a while now stopped, the screen went white and claimed that the championship dilemma had been resolved. “Ah, SofaF1, i’d forgotton all about that!” It didn’t take long for Alex to work out that the computer claiming to have resolved the dilemma didn’t really help all that much, so he went back to the drawing board to ask the computer a different question. Well that was January and ever since then Alex has been working hard to pay off his electricity bill, but now all that is in the past and the results are finally out.

The details is here:

but congratulations to Andy (The Speed Geek) who outwitted us all to claim the SofaF1 Championship win in 2010!

Entry Total
Andy (The Speedgeek) 143
James 135
Brawn2bwild 131
guille2306 129
GrifF1 128
Lukeh 126
Nick Ollivere 126
startledbunny 125
Bearded Stew 117
Alex Andronov 117
Alison 116
fourstar 115
Christine 113
Rod 112
the blue pariah 104
Pete 102
dp 101
Amy 98
Dan Brunell 98
Igor 97
psionandy 94
Pat W 93
Nick In Dubai 93
baliman 92
mr. c. 91
RubberGoat 89
Steven Roy 89
lou 88
RG 79
Marilene Riddle 71
RocketRedhead 68
Jordan Allen 67
Fiox 56
Turkey Machine 9


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Sofa F1 2011 Championship

Here are SofaF1 we like to be the last of the late breakers, with practically only a day to go I realised that a) I haven’t launched the new Pole Poll and b) I haven’t worked out a way to do a second year in the new SofaF1 Pole Poll dragy-droppy-super-selector™ oh and c) I’m not well at the moment. Will it be ready for this beginning of the season? I’m writing this bit before I know… Exciting stuff. I’m writing this instead of doing the coding I need to do.

So will this turn out to be a late breaking incident like the one where Vettel took out Webber and put a dent his team-mate’s car and his own reputation or where Lewis and Jenson zigged and zagged corner after corner with some inspirational driving?

[Cut to later]

It’s ready!!! So maybe I’m more like McLaren than Red Bull nice driving but too polite to win?

So anyway by this point you probably want to stop reading my waffling and get on with taking part. So what do you have to do?

What do you have to do if you want to take part?
For each race, before qualifying starts you have to predict who will be on pole and also the top 10 finishers in the race.

You get 2 points if you get the pole sitter correct. You get 4 points for getting the winner right and you get 2 points for each of the other places you get correct.

Also, if you have a ‘near miss’ eg. the person who you predicted to win comes second, or fifth comes fourth, you get 1 point.

But there is one extra factor.

Before qualifying starts in Bahrain Australia this weekend you need to also predict the top ten finishers in the whole season and who will have the most polls. This works in the same way as though the season was a race except you get double points, rather like ‘playing your joker’. As these points are added at the end of the season, this can become the crucial swing factor in the year.

Also before the season starts we want you to pick a MAIDEN winner (i.e. someone who has never won a F1 race before). If the driver you choose wins a race at any time during this season, you will get a 4 point bonus applied immediately to your score. You can of course say “nobody” if you expect that there will be no maiden winners; in this case, you would get the points at the end of the season, if that proves to be the case.

So to enter you need to give your season predictions here:

And your race predictions here:

Good luck!

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A New Year for Lotus

While the Pole Poll is being furiously calculated I would like to wish everyone a happy end of season. And to celebrate the end of a season I have written a little song… Well kind of… while I sorted the music my good friends at Sidepodcast provided the audio. All rights are reserved to Sidepodcast and Joe Saward for their audio in this little song about the future of Lotus…

I hope you all enjoy it:

[For those viewers without flash listen here: ]

If you enjoyed this then I encourage you to donate to keeping running the best F1 websites in the business  Sidepodcast and Joe Saward

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Abu Dhabi Pole Poll

Hey everyone… Hope you’re all having a great time. The season is almost at an end so finally I’ve gone back and fixed all of the problems* with the Pole Poll. Basically a number of people had changed e-mail address through the course of the season. Including me! And one time when my Dad had to text me his results I managed to spell our surname wrong in his e-mail address. It’s a living nightmare being this hopeless but hopefully things are back in a less squeue-iff way now. So what are the current standings?

Well everything is to play for as we go into the final round:

Entry Total
James 121
GrifF1 119
guille2306 115
Andy (The Speedgeek) 111
Nick Ollivere 109
Lukeh 106
Alex 104
Brawn2bwild 103
startledbunny 103
fourstar 102
Bearded Stew 101
Rod 98
the blue pariah 96
Pete 94
Christine 93
psionandy 90
Alison 90
Nick In Dubai 90
baliman 88
dp 85
Dan Brunell 84
Igor 83
Pat W 82
Lou 82
Amy 81
RubberGoat 80
Steven Roy 77
mr. c. 73
RG 66
Jordan Allen 65
Marilene Riddle 65
RocketRedhead 64
Fiox 50

Pretty exciting stuff as you must agree**.

But everything can change as we go into the final round so why not enter? It’s really easy:

*What I hope are all of the problems.

** Well you don’t have to agree, I just thought you might.

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