Bending the rules

Martin Brundle, commenting on the (allegedly) bending Ferrari rear-wing, made an interesting point last week: ‘Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place. Maybe they’ve got something underneath the car that’s giving them high speed on the straights.’

Indeed they do. Just look at the fine adjustments they’re making to how the air flows under the car: Autosport Spanish GP Technical Review. Perhaps all this fuss about the rear-wing is bluff by the other teams, whilst they look at the underneath? They’re throwing the press off while the real battle is going on under the cars. Geoff Willis has been very secretive: ‘But there is a clear picture coming, which I cannot share with you, that some teams are aware of and most are not.’ Perhaps he was talking about the tyres, perhaps not.

He goes on to say: ‘All the teams are going to have to adopt the same set of interpretation of rules if they are going to be competitive’. Where does an interpretation become against the rules? This has always been the genius of F1 designers: pushing the absolute limits of the rules. Honda tried last year and failed. Have Ferrari got away with it?

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