Iceman go-eth?

I would be disappointed to see Raikonnen leave McLaren but the way things have been going with his car I don’t think I’d blame him for heading for a more solid Renault or Ferrari at this stage, mind you there is a long way to go in this season still and McLaren will be working very hard to get his car to hold together long enough to finish a race.

This season is still shaping up to be a good one though, despite the fact that it looks like Alonso is heading in to the sunset with a massive points haul. His form has been looking good. Not finishing below 2nd place is a cracking way to be going to secure a second championship.

I’m hoping this season will end up a bit like the 3-way fight of 2003, with 3 teams fighting down to the wire. Certainly Renault are well in there with both drivers winning races already this season, Schumacher is always in there, but I think the Ferrari is actually a good car, as we have not only seen Schumacher win a couple of races and score 5th from the a pit lane start at Monaco, but early on in the season we had both Ferrari’s on the front row of the grid. McLaren are still hanging on, Montoya scoring well at Monaco albeit not really hounding Alonso. It’s just frustrating to see Raikkonen sidelined with a melting car when he was and should still have been pushing Alonso hard for the win.

Webber was impressive at Monaco, and again frustrating to see him conked out on the track, unfortunately my number 2 prediction Rosberg also retired with mechanical maladies. (The collision with the wall didn’t help either)

Maybe I should go back to studying the form guide, as my predictions are quite often left dangling in the realms of fantasy.

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