MON, MOY, MOT part deux

Following on from Alex’s article on the vertical MON, MOY, MOT graphic. Whilst watching the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend (from the Sofa of course!!) I was finding myself deeply annoyed by this same graphic. I can appreciate the similarities it has with the old racetrack position board, which would have the car numbers on against the positions, itself not the easiest thing to understand, but on the TV though it is completely pointless!

This might just be me but as I sat there trying to refocus on the vertical bar on the top left of the screen, I felt like I was shifting my attention away from what was happening on the screen, like I was missing out on the race, spending disproportionate time trying to understand what the graphic was saying. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old codger I thought, trying to give the graphic the benefit of the doubt, but then………

Halfway thought the MON MOY MOT graphic, I guess being triggered by the cars crossing the start line, the horizontal graphic pops up at the bottom of the screen, showing the positions, the drivers full surname name in proper text and the timing gaps from the lead car and a lap count for the first position car. Far superior in ease of reading, I felt like I was still looking at the screen, watching what was happening in the race pictures and yet absorbing the on screen data, with the timing gaps, providing you with a good overall view of what is actually happening in the race. One of the advantages in watching F1 from the Sofa in fact!!!!

If there is a good reason for the MON MOY MOT graphic that’s fine, I don’t have to look at it if it interrupts my viewing, but why have both on screen at the same time!!!!

I’d like to suggest the bottom graphic appearing at the start of every lap, or every other lap gives you all you want, in a place where you can read and absorb it without interrupting the race viewing, enhancing the overall experience.

Rant over for the moment!!

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