Emotional Comments

Usually during the course of a Grand Prix there are several comments that cause an emotional outburst from the Sofa. The Monaco Grand Prix was no exception. I have selected the four that caused the most dramatic reactions to share with you.

Two comments had me shouting something like “what are you talking about” at the TV, another almost caused a full scale rant but subsided to a wry smile halfway through and another made me laugh out loud. Try and guess which ones were which! Its not beyond the realms of possibility that I misunderstood the comments, but they certainly caused a reaction!

Commentator A

“This is where Schumacher went straight on yesterday into the barriers on the outside that stopped anyone doing another lap”

What? From the pre race comments I understood that if Schumacher had gone into the barriers it would have looked a bit more real.

…and then a few seconds later…

Commentator A

“It’s a tremendous scrap we’ve got here between the two young pretenders to Schumacher’s crown, Alonso and Raikkonen”

What? I thought Alonso was already defending the crown or did I miss something?

Commentator A

“Lets just listen to this … oh lets not”

and finally

Commentator B

“Jacques Villeneuve under investigation … and not for a baggy race suit either, I don’t think”

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