Making your own luck

Monaco was a great race in so many ways. I really did want somebody other than Alonso to win it. This was not because I dislike Alonso – far from it – but because I think Alonso’s win here and the DNFs from Kimi and low points from Michael really do let him away at the front. And I want a championship fight come the end of the season.

There was so much going on at Monaco that I felt the result didn’t reflect the race that we had seen, but of course it did. The best races in formula one seem to always express the entire season in a single race. And we had it this weekend. Kimi being fast but unreliable. Micahel’s Ferrari fast but brought down by outside influences. And Alonso just sailing serenely past.

Kimi and Mark deserved more, but again didn’t get it. And Fisi’s overtake manauver was a sight to see. Surely he wasn’t really in control of the car at that time.

When I saw this it made me think of the way that Fisi is normally a driver who seems to be unlucky. I wondered if maybe all drivers have the same amount of luck over the course of a season but some drivers use their luck like a bank and take it when it’s really important (Micahel, Alonso) and other drivers Fisi, Rubens and to an extent Kimi take it as a lottery and allow it to happen to them. This was an amazing bit of good luck for Fisi but is almost completely pointless for him in terms of the championship.

Actually it wasn’t completely pointless was it? Fisi now equals Kimi on championship points.

(Update: fixed picture)

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