The Hamilton Hype

Is he as good as people say he is? Should he partner Alonso? One journalist said his Silverstone drive was the greatest he’s ever seen from any driver. Really? Or is that just nationalism creeping in? It is almost impossible for us to tell how good he is, and/or whether he’ll be able to cope with a) F1 cars and b) Fernando Alonso as team-mate. One thing is for sure, this weekend marked the beginning of the British journalists’ emigration from Button to Hamilton…

What annoys me is the amount of unnecessary time they spend on Button. If he had qualified on the front row then, yes, spend a lot of time talking about him. But if he qualifies 19th, forget it. But they just talked about him more! Ignoring the potential battle of the three greatest drivers up the front (which ended up as Raikkonen slowing Michael down so we never knew if he could have challenged Alonso).

Anyway, I think what Martin Brundle said in his Sunday Times column was right: the problem with Button is that he can’t adapt to changing conditions in the car; hence the slow lap times after pit-stops; this and a fundamental ‘mind-management’ issue, which led to farces like him moving to Williams, then back again.

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