Top teams

Back in the old days of formula 1. By which I mean, for the purposes of this post, the period immediate preceding this one. There used to be three top teams. They were pretty much Ferrari, Williams and McClaren. Every so often one of them would have an off season and another team would have their time at the top.

Now we have the same thing with Renault replacing Williams. But something else has been afoot these last few seasons. The top teams have been much closer to the mere mortals than they ever used to be. A fact proved by renault moving up. There really are now four top teams (it’s only williams further slump this year that makes this not look true and the fact that so many teams desperately want that fourth place) but it has been true ever since they made the most important rule change of all. When they made the points go to the top eight instead of six drivers. With two drivers a team it’s made that difference.

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