Next years drivers line up

The guardian has a story that at Monza Ferrari will announce three drivers for next year. Kimi, Massa and Michael.

This would fit with the earlier stories about Michael not having to decide until the end of the year.

According to a Spanish magazine “AS” (sorry no link) at Monza Renault will also be making an announcement about its driver line up. As apparently Kimi has also signed with them for next year. This contract apparently stands if Michael remains at Ferrari.

Part of the oddity is that Telefonica have upped their sponsorship commitment to Renault next year quite substantially at a time when Renault have less star power and no Spaniard. Although some people have taken it as a sign that Pedro de la Rosa will be moving over to Renault I wouldn’t want to see what Pedro would look like after he’d tried to wriggle his way out of one of Ron’s contracts!

A lot of commentators have been mentioning that Michael’s raggedness is a sign that he wants this championship worse than ever and that’s a sign that he’s determined to resign this year. Maybe it’s true, but I don’t think you would have found anyone in a previous season who would have argued that Michael didn’t want to win the championship so badly it hurt. He always wants to win. I just don’t think he’s been under as much pressure for a while.

And with the team clearly being a bit fairer between drivers maybe they are letting Michael know, and the rest of the world, that next year when he’s racing Kimi he’ll properly be racing Kimi.

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