Rampf-ing up the Reliability

Willy Rampf of BMW has been talking about trying to make his cars more reliable before Australia.

The BMWs do seem to be running very well at the moment. Reliability is the achillies heel for these cars. We could be looking at a McLaren from two years ago situation very fast but easy to break. But like everything it is very difficult to judge.

One of the most positive things about BMW seems to be their own low expectations. Unlike Honda of recent years (and even this year) where they don’t seem to be able to contain their desire for the win – and seem to kid themselves into it every year – BMW seem to be playing a more level game. Mainly they seem to be doing quite well in the tests, impressing everyone else but refusing to impress themselves. And this makes me feel quietly confident in them.

How’s that for some backwards logic. I rate their chances specifically because they don’t.

About Alex Andronov

Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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