SofaF1 Championship – Round Two

Well ……

somehow I netted zero from that race, Fourstar and Alex did marginally better scooping 1 and 2 points respectively but Nick’s inspired selections puts him firmly in the lead after round 2.

Massa on pole, Alonso to win and Raikkonen taking third provided 8 out of his 9 points from this weekend.

Round 2

1. Nick 9

2. Alex 2

3. Fourstar 1

4. Bearded Stew 0

Which leaves the championship looking like this.


1. Nick 16

2. Alex 11

3. Fourstar 9

4. Bearded Stew 6

Massa on pole was probably not a shock result, although all of us bar Nick failed to capitalise on it. Massa’s attempts at trying to get past Hamilton however may well have caused some surprise. He is obviously pretty eager to show the world (and maybe himself) that he can do as well as Raikkonen, but maybe he is doing too much driving with his fiery spirit and not enough with his head. So far his points tally equals Fisichella (and both of them are being beaten by Heidfeld) while Hamilton, Raikkonen and Alonso have dominated the podium positions. Where Massa goes from here will provide a good indication of how he copes with the pressure of driving towards a World Championship.

Alonso and Hamilton are looking pretty good as a team unit so far though and I’m sure Ron is not regretting putting Hamilton into the race seat.

Toyota has scored some points again this race, with Trulli taking seventh position, adding to Schumacher’s eighth place in Melbourne, but is it just me or do we hardly ever even see the Toyota’s in the race?

Shame about Rosberg not making it to the finish again this year after running so strongly in the race, the other Williams of Wurz though just pipping Webber to ninth place must be pretty hard for him to see, especially as Wurz came up from 20th and Webber finished exactly where he started.

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