The Kubica Conundrum

Sofaf1 has been strangely quiet this week. I’m not sure why – personally my browser has been having problems with Stew’s posts, though I know Firefox can handle them. Anyway, what’s the problem with Kubica? My question is twofold. Firstly, is there a problem? I hadn’t thought so. I thought, as usual, he was doing amazingly. Then Martin Brundle said during last week’s race ‘he seems to make a lot of mistakes’, and now Mark Hughes on itv-f1 is writing an article about his problems. The media have started creating an issue. As Hughes eventually admits, though, there isn’t actually a problem. Kubica is still faster than Heidfeld, he’s just had problems, probably beyond his control, in the two races so far. Perhaps me talking about it is making the matter worse, but it hadn’t even crossed my mind there was an issue until Martin said so. He does make mistakes, but that’s because he’s right on the limit virtually all the time, and this is still his first season – although people are thinking of it as his second. Perhaps his biggest problem (like every other driver on the grid at the moment) is Hamilton. Once, or if, Lewis makes a mistake they’ll all feel a lot happier about themselves. Mind you, Lewis quite clearly couldn’t keep up with Alonso last week, and he couldn’t adapt to changing tyre circumstances. Everyone was excited he came second, but maybe what we saw was the first sign of a weakness?

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