Three times a driver

So, after three races we have three drivers tied on 22 points, one of them being the rookie Lewis Hamilton, who is 22 years old. Only he and Raikkonen have been on every podium – and no team other than McLaren or Ferrari has made it there yet. We’ve had three different winners, and Ferrari have locked out pole position so far. What, then, in this four week break, are we to make of what’s happened? Are Ferrari as dominant as they seemed in Melbourne? Could BMW really start winning races? Is Hamilton the next Schumacher? I had the feeling after Bahrain that people are now going to begin saying F1 cars are too easy to drive. A rookie shouldn’t be able to succeed as well as Lewis has. He should make mistakes. Maybe the car is driving him? You could deconstruct his races: in the first one he held up Alonso; in the second he held up Raikkonen; and in the third he drifted around between the two Ferraris. Were his drives really that impressive? Was he out-performing the car and himself, stretching the limits of speed? Or was he just doing an ordinary job? He was throughout qualifying in Bahrain half a second quicker than Alonso, and we know Alonso’s fast, don’t we? Because Hamilton hasn’t made any obvious mistakes, viewers will remain suspicious of him.

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