Hamilton to drive for Jordan

Well, not really, but it’s interesting what Eddie Jordan says about Ron Dennis being over-protective of Hamilton. This is exactly what I thought when I saw Dennis huddling round Hamilton on the Melbourne grid, and Martin being forced to keep his distance. I think, in fact, I laughed: what tips did Dennis have to offer about driving Albert Park? Yes, Dennis could help him with managing the media, but does he know how to drive a current F1 car? That was my main problem with the situation: Hamilton needed to be talking to his mechanics about how the car will behave, or an ex-driver (like Martin), not a team manager. But Jordan’s point is good too: it isolates the fans. If Martin Brundle can’t speak to Hamilton, it feels like no one can. I think his grid-walk is one of the greatest things about the media coverage of the sport. When he talks to drivers on the grid it is literally minutes before they start racing – and you sense that immediacy, and often the friendship between him and them, which radiates onto the audience. Schumacher would never do it, and it was always like a silent, bitter place on the grid. Now, I think, Alonso is starting to do the same thing, which is a shame. Anyway, the better thing is surely for Hamilton to be exposed to everything and see how he copes. Everyone else has had to. It’s part of being a driver.

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