The Morale Advantage

There were two things that annoyed me about today’s coverage of qualifying. The first was that Steve Ryder said Hamilton had the ‘moral advantage’ after being faster than Alonso qualifying 2. I’m not exactly sure what he meant. I guess ‘morale’, but probably ‘psychological’. Certainly Hamilton was not morally superior for going faster. The second thing that annoyed me was James Allen saying Massa had pole position, before Alonso had finished his lap. Everyone at the circuit, certainly, and at least me watching, was following Fernando to see what he would do. When James said Massa was on pole I was confused for a second. He was too, it seemed, as he then realised Alonso was doing about to finish his lap – and had been, up to that point, faster than anyone. As it turned out, however, James was right, but for that second I was disorientated. Very annoying.

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