SofaF1 Championship – Round 4

Well, another average points tally for us here at SofaF1.

Hamilton was the key for all of us this week, netting myself and Alex a point each and Nick and Fourstar two. Alonso helped everyone out except me with a point for his front row qualifying. Nick and myself grabbed a point each for Alonso in the race and I managed a couple more by keeping Rosberg and Kovalainen in at the tail end of the points, I almost had Schumacher in 8th but fortunately changed my mind! Heidfeld and Raikkonen retiring hurt us all I think!

So after Round 4

Round 4

1 Bearded Stew 4
2 Nick 4
3 Fourstar 3
4 Alex 2

Which means the championship now looks like this, Nick leads but after 4 races even he has only scored 25%!


1 Nick 20
2 Alex 17
3 Bearded Stew 13
4 Fourstar 12

Well, a bit of an odd race in many way, the highest attrition rate of the year so far, wheelnuts flying off, loose wheels staying on, tyres shredding themselves, mirrors falling out, Massa on fire taking another pole, win and fastest lap!

Coulthard scored well with his Red Bull even though he was having a few problems with his jukebox. Webber’s fuel flap worked this week, but unfortunately not a lot else. Barrichello again beat Button in both qualifying and the race, both of them though were hammered by Sato in the Honda that looks like a Honda, what a result for Super Aguri! I notice Fourstar in particular seemed to be lovin it!

Rosberg too did well to hauling his Williams up into sixth and Kubica replaced Heidfeld in fourth for another good position for BMW. Hamilton again looked pretty together and consistent scoring moves him into the lead of the championship, although there wasn’t much of a fight among the top three after the first corner!

Roll on Monaco, could this be Hamilton’s first win?

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