Albers on my mind

So, Christijan Albers has finally said what we’re all thinking: the switch to Michelins has hurt a lot of drivers, but advantaged rookies. Read the story here. Drivers like Lewis Hamilton have just arrived and driven what they’ve been given, but the old boys were used to either the Michelins or last year’s Bridgestones, and are finding it hard to adapt. Renault virtually built their car around the Michelins and Alonso’s driving style, thus making his switch to McLaren hard to handle. He had always been praised as a driver capable of adapting. By the end of the season we’ll know if this is true. At Ferrari, the car was built mainly with Massa’s input, who had always driven on Bridgestones, leaving Raikkonen out in the cold. Of course, such an explanation sounds too neat. It’s probably a lot more complicated that this. Or it might just be Felipe and Lewis are faster drivers…

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