Missing Minerale

I felt this morning that something was missing. Then I remembered: Imola. It had familiarly begun the European season in recent years, and I had forgotten that it had now been erased from the calendar. It’s no coincidence that since Schumacher has retired there is only one German and one Italian race, and the prospect of two Spanish ones next year. Fans, and Bernie, are fickle. Should we really pamper to the whims of people who will stop watching the sport as soon as their driver leaves? Are they really watching the sport, anyway, or just following a celebrity-cult? The pictures of the bemused fans in the Spanish grandstand two weeks ago were interesting. Alonso wasn’t winning. They had no idea what was happening. Yes, some of them, spurred on by the achievements of Alonso, have become genuinely interested in the sport. But most of them are just there for the ride. I, personally, am missing what was one of my favourite circuits, with a great corner, and its great name: Acqua Minerale.

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